Lord Byron’s Family Tree, on vellum, England, 1673
The Byron family genealogical roll, from Radulphus Buron, mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 1086, to John the 1st Baron Byron, 1626
It was the aspiration to the peerage of John, 1st Baron Byron (1599-1652), that motivated the preparation of this sumptuous manuscript. The poet, Lord Byron, was exceedingly proud of his title and descent. He certainly studied this roll with care, when he succeeded to the title in 1798.
Very Rare Electrum Stater from Kyzikos, Mysia c. 500-450 BC
The coin shows a winged deer with a tunny fish below; an incuse quadripartite square is on the reverse.
Kyzikos (Cyzicus) was a city in the region of Mysia in the northwest of ancient Asia Minor or Anatolia (modern Balıkesir Province, Turkey). The city was said to have been founded by Pelasgians from Thessaly, according to tradition at the coming of the Argonauts; later it received many colonies from Miletus, allegedly in 756 BC, but its importance began only after the Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC), when the decay of Athens and Miletus set in.