Greek intaglio ring of Alexander the Great, Hellenistic, c. 2nd-1st Century BC
The carnelian stone is engraved with a profile head of Alexander the Great in the guise of Herakles wearing the lion’s skin, the jaws pulled up over his head with the paws tied at the neck, set in the original gold ring. The intaglio’s style imitates the famous Tetradrachms of Alexander the Great. Dating from the 2nd to 1st century BC,  this ring is close to the great general’s reign, making it a prized and unique piece. 
Early Spanish Gold Cross with Emeralds, Spain, c. 17th-18th century
A beautiful and highly ornate Spanish gold cross set with 34 emeralds 2.5 inches in height. No doubt made with Spanish gold and emeralds from the New World judging from the small Pillars of Hercules mark on the back.
Greek torque with pitcher and ball pendants, 8th-7th century BC
Bronze with green patina. Of twisted conical hoop, with flat and forged ends. Affectionate four different neighborhood, pierced ball pendant and a small Pitcher.