Ruins of Jupiter’s Temple, Heliopolis, Baalbek by The Broken Lens on Flickr.

The greatest of the three temples in Baalbek was sacred to Jupiter Baal (“Heliopolitan Zeus”) and was constructed during the first century CE (completed circa 60 CE). The temple had 54 columns originally. The architrave and frieze blocks weigh up to 60 tons each, and one corner block over 100 tons, all of them raised to a height of 19 m (62.34 ft) above the ground.

This was thought to have been done using Roman cranes. Roman cranes were not capable of lifting stones this heavy; however, by combining multiple cranes they may have been able to lift them to this height. If necessary they may have used the cranes to lever one side up a little at a time and use shims to hold it while they did the other side.