The Tomb of Merlin, Paimpont Forest

Paimpont Forest is sometimes said to be the Arthurian Brocéliande. As Brocéliande it had a reputation in the Medieval imagination as a place of magic and mystery. The Bretons tell many legends of King Arthur and his great magician, Merlin, whose events take place in the ancient forest of Brocéliande and the surrounding area. It is in this forest, at the fountain of Barenton, that Merlin first met and fell in love with the fairy Viviane, the Lady of the Lake who raised Sir Lancelot. It is also stated that Merlin’s tomb can be found in the heart of the forest, hiding the ‘prison of air’ in which Viviane incarcerated him to prevent his return to Arthur’s court.

Merlin’s Tomb is a neolithic megalith in Paimpont Forest near the city of Rennes in Brittany, France.

by HSSand