The Two Ghosts of Ardvreck Castle

This ruined castle on the shore of Loch Assynt, originally built by the MacLeods is reportedly haunted by two ghosts. One appears as a grey man and is said to be James Graham, the Marquis of Montrose. He was betrayed to the Covenanters at this castle after his defeat in the Battle of Carbisdale in 1650. He was taken to Edinburgh, hanged and quartered. His head was put on a spike and displayed at Edinburgh tollbooth. His spirit returns again and again to Ardvreck Castle looking for the men who betrayed him.

The other spirit at Ardvreck the daughter of one of the Macleod Chieftains. Macleod agreed to give her daughter to the Devil in marriage in return for help with building Ardvreck Castle. Macleod had long envied his relatives of Dunvegan Castle and wanted nothing more than to own a castle at least as grand. Rather than submit to this cursed wedding, she threw herself from the top of the castle and was killed instantly. Her sobbing, forlorn ghost wanders the ruins of Ardvreck to this day.

The 16th century castle is standing on a rocky promontory jutting out into Loch Assynt in Sutherland, north west Highland, Scotland.