Seven Hellenistic and Roman hardstone intaglios set in a Victorian gold bracelet Circa 2nd Century BC - 3rd Century AD

Including, (1) a Roman carnelian intaglio depicting a running quadruped; (2) a Roman green jasper intaglio, depicting on one side a lizard crawling towards a crescent moon with letters ΠΗΡΑ around (probably maimed/blinded), on the back the inscription ΚΑΝΘΕ CΟΥΛΕ (probably ‘eye, the lizard cures you’ or ‘eye, be healthy’); (3) a Roman carnelian intaglio depicting winged Nemesis standing, plucking the shoulder of her dress with her right hand; (4) a large Hellenistic banded-agate intaglio, depicting a long-necked profile head of Venus wearing a diadem within her rolled hair; (5) a Roman yellow-jasper intaglio, depicting two goats leaping on a tree with three branches; (6) a Roman blue-chalcedony intaglio depicting a column surmounted with a bird, beside a labrum with palm branch, a dolphin in the field; (7) a Roman carnelian intaglio depicting a frontal the multi-breasted cult-statue of Ephesian Artemis, between a star and a moon-crescent, with woollen knotted ribbons/fillets hanging down from her outstretched arms; all set in a Victorian gold bracelet with filigree work and security-chain, 10mm-15mm range of the intaglios, wi