The Ghost of Barcaldine Castle, Scotland

Barcaldine Castle (aka The Black Castle) is a 17th century tower house located at Barcaldine near Oban, Scotland. It was built by Sir Duncan Campbell, of Glenorchy, between 1601 and 1609. The castle fell into disrepair in the later 19th century, when the Barcaldine House became the principal residence of the family. It was restored between 1897-1911 and now operates as a hotel.

Barcaldine Castle is one of two places haunted by a pair Campbell brothers. The castle saw a brutal murder in the eighteenth century. The laird of Barcaldine was Donald Campbell, and for years he had been involved in a bitter feud with Stewart of Appin. The dispute came to an abrupt and bloody end when Stewart killed Donald Campbell with his sword. Stewart knew that when his crime was found out, reprisals by the Campbells would be swift, bitter and painful. In order to ensure his own safety, he sought refuge at the home of Donald Campbell’s brother, Duncan, at Inverawe. The news of the killing had not yet spread, so Donald Campbell offered Stewart his hospitality when he was asked for it, according to the custom in the Highlands Scotland.

As long as Stewart of Appin stayed in his home, Duncan Campbell was haunted by visions of his brother, who admonished him for sheltering his murderer. By the time Campbell had heard the news of his brother’s death and had realized that he had been seeing his dead brother’s ghost, Stewart had gone. Donald Campbell’s ghost left Inverawe — his brother Duncan’s ghost frequents that building - and returned to Barcaldine Castle. It still appears there from time to time, an angry specter of a man cheated out of life and deprived of his brother’s revenge by a wily Stewart.