Phantom Hitchhiker at Nunney Castle, Somerset

Many have reported seeing a hitchhiking, middle-aged man standing along the road leading to the castle. Drivers have gotten out of thier cars to help only to find that he has disappeared without a trace. Some drivers have also claimed to have actually given the hitcher a ride, but then he would vanish before reaching his said destination of Critchill. Reports in the National Press stated a motorist had stopped near Gibbet Hill to pick up a hitchhiker, who then vanished once inside the car. It is believed that this is the same phantom hitchhiker that has been seen around the area of Nunney Castle.

It is also rumored that the castle was host to several witch trials and that the ghost of one accused woman still roams the grounds and the corridors of the castle ruins today. It is recorded that in 1730 an old woman was suspected of witchcraft and was killed by water ordeal just up the road at Frome. Perhaps it is her spirit who wanders the grounds, looking for her accusers.

Nunney Castle is a small, French style castle surrounded by a deep moat. It was built for Sir John Delamare (a veteran of The Hundred Years War) in 1373. The castle was one of many that fell victim to Cromwell during the Civil Wars (1642-1651) as his men used cannon to blast a hole in the north wall of the castle, forcing the garrison there to surrender.