Stater from Sikyon, Peloponnesos c. 340-330 BC

On the obverse, a chimera prowls left. On the reverse, a dove flies left within an olive wreath.

Numismatically, Sikyon (Sicyon) was the most productive city of Peloponnese. Its coinage appeared in the beginning of 5th century BC and greatly increased at 400 BC. Their high production continued till the times of the Roman conquest in 146 BC. On their coins they usually use the symbol of the Dove, a symbol of spirit and the Chimaera, the fire-breathing mythological monster which was killed by the hero Bellerophon and Apollo, the chief deity of the city.

Sikyon was situated in the northern Peloponnesus between Corinth and Achaea on the territory of the present-day regional unit of Corinthia, Greece.